Instagram Crushing

Instagram is quite possibly our favourite social media platform. Not that we are biased or anything, but there's just something about a chocolate spread piece of toast, with strawberries on top of a marble background that we love! We are constantly on the look out for new accounts to follow. Whilst aesthetics is key to creating a great insta page we like to follow people who are also making an impact and encouraging other women to do the same. Find out who we can't get enough of below and be sure to follow us on @ZiandLuwa too!
Source: @PhoebeLovatt
Name: Phoebe Lovatt @PhoebeLovatt
We first stumbled across Phoebe Lovatt at the end of 2015 and since then she has been one of our ultimate timeline fav's. Gorgeous, witty and smart, the founder of The Working Women's club (@TheWWClub) is the kind of girl that you would want in your girl gang. Her aim is to connect and inspire women worldwide which we can totally get behind! When she's not promoting an event in London, LA, New York or Paris the Londoner takes her followers on regular pit-stops around Brooklyn, where she currently resides. Who knew bodegas and laundromat's could look so cool?! 
Source: @Asiyami_Gold
Name: Asiyami Gold @Asiyami_Gold
Art director, travel blogger and our total style crush, Asiyami Gold may just hold the crown for the most vibrant instagram account ever! From her afro to her super stylish wardrobe Asiyami adds a sprinkle of colour and afrocentric vibes wherever she goes. As she explores the globe she takes her followers with her. Follow her for open and candid discussions on diversity and African culture.  
Source: @MirthaMichelle
Name: Mirtha Michelle @MirthaMichelle
Who doesn't love a bit of poetry? Especially poems about love. The stunning Dominican born, Mirtha Michelle is a wordsmith, author and actress. She is the brainchild behind Letters, To The Men I Have Loved” and “Elusive Loves” and can often be found posting quotes from one of her books. Our top picks are "Letter V" and "People are like Cities" but don't just take our word for it, hit follow and tell her we sent you. 
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