光转换材料前言系列讲座2020年第1期——Baljinder Kaur Kandola教授

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主讲人:Baljinder Kaur Kandola教授

题目:Novel Fire Resistant Coatings for Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites


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摘要Exposure of fibre-reinforced polymeric composites (FRCs) to high temperatures causes the organic resin matrices to soften, undergo thermal degradation and/or ignite, resulting in loss of mechanical integrity of the structure. The most effective technique of fire retardation without affecting the composite’s physical and mechanical properties is the use of surface coatings, which can inhibit or reduce the heat transfer from the fire/heat source to the underlying structure. Conventional intumescent coatings (used for steel structures), when applied on FRCs  provide passive fire protection by slowing down the rate of heat transfer and burning, where most often the polymeric binder used ignites prior to the activation of the intumescent chemicals.  Most often 2-3 mm thick coating is required to provide adequate protection to the flammable polymeric surfaces, which is not a practical solution.  We have polymerised a volatile organophosphorus monomer using UV curing methodology on composite surfaces, hence eliminating any combustible components on the surface. A 0.5 mm thick coating in a cone calorimetric test at 50 kW/m2 prevented ignition, whereas a 0.3 mm thick coating ignited but the time-to-ignition was increased and the peak heat release rate significantly reduced. The coatings did not peel off when subjected to a tape pull test and resisted cracking during a low velocity impact test. The coating however, performed relatively poorly in water-soak tests. Water-soak test performance can be significantly improved however by various hydrophobic modifications without detriment to fire performance.

个人简历Baljinder Kaur Kandola,英国博尔顿大学材料研究与创新研究所教授,1984年毕业于库鲁克舍特拉大学并获得博士学位,1985 年- 1986年任职于印度Kurukshetra大学化学系博士后研究员,1988年-1993年担任英国索尔福德索尔福德大学客座研究员,1993年-2002年担任英国博尔顿大学博尔顿大学研究员。2002年-2005年担任英国博尔顿大学博尔顿大学高级研究员,2005年10月起担任博尔顿大学教授。研究方向包括:物理化学; 聚合物;纺织品和纤维增强复合材料的热降解和阻燃性等

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